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iBoxEZPost Member Rewards Points Collection and Redemption Program

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EZPost Member Rewards Points Collection and Redemption Program To reward its customer base, the Chunghwa Post EZPost website (hereinafter referred to as EZPost) offers new members, who join during the promotional campaign period, one free shipment when using iBox (70 EZPoint units for new members, which is equivalent to one free shipment at the iBox). Each time a member logs in at iBox and pays to complete the shipment, he/she will receive 5 EZPoint units rebate! (1 unit = 1 NTD) Come and join us soon!
1. Activity period:
From January 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2022
2. EZPoint (EZPost Member Rewards Points) Eligibility:
By registering as a member on our EZPost website (https://ezpost.post.gov.tw/), you will be able to use the EZPoint function. Members can log in to the EZPost website at any time to check the number of EZPoint units remaining in their accounts.
3. EZPoint validity period:
The validity period of the EZPoint given during this promotional event is June 30th, 2023, and will not be valid after the expiration date.
4. Activity rules:
(1) Gift of 70 EZPoint units for new members:
If you join EZPost during this promotion period (subject to mobile phone authentication pass), you will receive 70 free EZPoint units (1 unit = NTD 1).
(2) Gift of 30 EZPoint units for existing members upon login:
For those who have joined EZPost before July 1st, 2020, you will receive 30 EZPoint units (once) upon login to the EZPost website.
(3) Gift of 5 EZPoint units for successful iBox posting:
Members who complete a general posting for delivery transaction at iBox during this promotion period and enter/confirm their EZPost member account will receive 5 EZPoint units for each transaction.
If the EZPoint is greater than or equal to the current postage, you can choose to pay for the postage with EZPoint (free posting) but no EZPoint units will be given for the transaction.
If the Company conducts iBox promotion during this promotional period, the Company may stop the issue of EZPoint for this item.
5. How to register as a member:
(1) Go to the EZPost website and click on Register
(2) Enter the mobile phone number
(3) Receive mobile phone SMS Authentication Code
(4) Enter the mobile phone SMS Authentication Code (please complete the authentication within 1 hour)
(5) Fill in the membership information and set the password
(6) EZPost member registration completed
6. iBox (EZPost members) posting:
(1) Enter the EZPost website to create a Shipping Label:
1. Log in to the membership
2. Create iBox Shipping Label (fill in the recipient/sender mailpiece information)
3. Check the mailpiece history to get the mailpiece reference number and validation code (QR Code)
(2) To post a shipment at the nearby iBox:
1. Select "EZPost Member Shipping" on the iBox
2. Print and attach the Shipping Label to the mailpiece
3. Scan the Shipping Label Barcode/Select the appropriate-sized locker
4. Choose the postage payment method:
(A) By stored value card/Post office ATM card (EZPoint can be accumulated)
(B) Membership EZPoint units: Scan member's QRCode for identity authentication (EZPoint cannot be accumulated)
5. To complete the posting for delivery:
(A) Drop in the mailpiece and close the locker door
(B) Keep the receipt
(C) Select and print the proof of stamps purchase (not available if postage is paid by EZPoint)
7. Handling of irregular transactions:
(1) If an EZPost member's iBox shipping transaction with EZPoint is unsuccessful, EZPoint units will be redeposited to the member's account.
(2) For Members who pay for postage by post office ATM card or stored value card, the system will not allot 5 EZPoint units if the transaction is unsuccessful.
8. Obligations of EZPost members
(1) Members should keep the user account number and password properly. If EZPoint is used by others, the company will not be responsible for any compensation or indemnity.
(2) EZPoint is not a member's asset. Members may not request to transfer EZPoint to any third party, nor may they request to combine EZPoint from different accounts into one account.
(3) Members may not request the Company to convert EZPoint into cash or request the Company to pay for it with other items.
(4) By accessing the EZPost website and accumulating or using EZPoint under the member's name, the member agrees to the terms and conditions of this campaign and the use of the member's information for marketing, customer management, statistical survey and analysis, and information and database administration for the processing of all EZPoint transactions.
9. The Company's scope of liability:
(1) The Company may terminate the activities related to the accumulation and use of EZPoint due to business considerations. No prior notice, announcement or consent of the member is required, and the member shall not make any request to the Company due to such termination.
(2) EZPoint does not provide any compensation or reimbursement for accumulated or transactions that are suspended, interrupted or malfunctioned due to the access or network.
(3) The EZPoint accumulated by the members is not the members' income according to the relevant tax law and the Company will not deduct any tax on behalf of the member.
10. Mandatory disclosure regarding the use of personal data:
(1) When the Company collects, processes or uses the personal information (name, telephone number, mailing address, email address, etc.) of the participants of this event, it does so based on respecting the rights of the participants of this event and complying with the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Act" of the Republic of China.
(2) The personal information of the participants of this activity will only be processed or used by the Company for this activity in electronic or paper form in our country. The Company will not provide such information to other third parties for their use. The information will be kept for the duration of the business.
(3) Participants in this activity may request to exercise the following rights concerning the personal information provided following the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act:
1. To access or request access to the personal information provided.
2. To request a copy of the personal information provided.
3. To supplement or correct the personal data provided.
4. To stop collecting, processing, or using the personal data provided.
5. To request deletion of the personal information provided.
6. To refuse the right of marketing.

* If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please call our Customer Service Hotline (0800-700-365) for more information on how to do so.