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How to apply for the real estate mortgage loans?

1.The borrower shall be a citizen of the Republic of China, who is between 20 and 68 years old, has s stable income, and is able to pay the principal and interest on time.
2.Provide a first-priority mortgage on a collateral that is real estate owned by the borrower, spouse, parents, children or brothers and sisters (the collateral provider is limited to between 20 to 68 years old).
3.The real estate mortgage loan shall be handled by the regional branch offices overseeing mortgage loan where the real estate is located, but the post office shall have the right to approve the loan.
4.When applying for a loan, the documents shall be prepared. Please refer to the Company global website (www.post.gov.tw) to download the loan application form, personal information form and loan description, or visit each branch in all responsible for processing real estate loans and the postal outlets that authorized to accept loan applications to ask for such documents. (the telephone number of each branch can be searched on the mortgage section of the Company global website).