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Postal Life Insurance Services

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Introduction of Postal Simple Life Insurance
Origin of Business Operation
Postal Simple Life Insurance aims to provide R.O.C. citizens with basic financial security. Offered through the post office's extensive national network, these plans are readily available and provide a means of managing money and ensuring future financial security. They also serve to attract idle capital to support the nation's infrastructure projects and stabilize its financial markets. Featuring simple application procedures and requiring no medical exams, they have become very popular. Since their introduction in 1935, business has steadily grown.
Philosophy of Business Operation
Since the Directorate was corporatized to become Chunghwa Post in 2003, its Life Insurance Department has been striving to create a favorable business environment-making full use of information technology, diversifying its product offerings, and providing multifaceted services to meet customers' needs. Keeping its business core value of "Customers first and providing honest and efficient services" in mind, the department will continue to recruit and train professionals to bolster its ability to deliver excellent service and keep all the people's trust.
Characteristics of Business Operation
State-owned business with solid reputation.
Non-physical examination insurance with simple procedures.
Widespread branches and easy to reach.
Computerized transfer of premiums, easy and efficient.
Fast payment to claims, rights guaranteed.
Loan on policy and cash out on the same day.