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News CenterTaipei Post Office Public Office Urban Renewal Project

Last updated:2021/12/14 Print

Project origin:

 The project is located at the south side of the North Gate Square and Taipei Station, which is one of the most important gateway projects in the West District of Taipei. At the meeting of the Executive Yuan on 5 August 2016, all landowners agreed to participate in the Taipei Post Office's public urban renewal project by means of rights exchange. On 22 April 2020, Taipei City Government agreed that Chunghwa Post Corporation be the implementer of the project.

Project goal:

There are seven parcels of land with a total area of 14,228 square meters. The land use zones comprise land use for postal and telecommunications, school and postal, and commercial district. The land owners are Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd, National Property Administration Ministry of Finance, the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and the Taipei City Government, and are promoted by Chunghwa Post.
One of the features of this project is the revitalization of the Taipei Beimen Post Office, a city-designated monument, and the restoration of the porch, as well as the introduction of technology to provide art and cultural exhibition space.
This area has many central administrations and banks, so it gathers many financial technology talents, capital and economic activities, and the new urban renewal project is planned as a "national innovation, creativity and financial center".
In addition to the original landowners, there will be four major financial institutions, including the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation, Taiwan Futures Exchange Corporation, Taipei Exchange and Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation, which will also move into the building and promote the development of Taiwan's new innovation and financial technology industries, economic transformation, and attract international capital and talent.

Building Planning and Design :

The total of Lot Size is 14,228 square meter (about 4,304 pings), and the area of the volume floor (the volume ratio is 800%) is 113,823.69 square meters (about 34,432 pings), and the total floor area is 174,701.36 square meters (about 52,847 pings). The main concept of this project is to have a civic lounge and a dialogue with the monument. The first floor retains a large space for people to travel freely through the base, with transparent and light treatment and arch-shaped elements to express respect, while the exterior is mainly made of glass and planted with greenery to create a green image.