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iBoxSMS problem

Last updated:2019/10/21 Print

I haven't received a SMS for collection. What should I do?

1. Please check with your phone carrier if your number is set to "Reject Corporate SMS." If it is the case, please cancel the option to receive the SMS.
2. For telecom network problems, please call our customer service line 0800-700-365 (please dial 04-23542030 via mobile phone) and the customer service staff will send the text to the recipient again.

I've lost my mobile phone and cannot access the pick-up code. What should I do?

The mobile phone is the recipient's personal belongings. The company cannot delete the SMS sent, nor can it cancel the pick-up code. It is suggested that you improve the mobile phone data protection mechanism. During the processing period, the company shall not be liable for the loss of the mail if it is falsely claimed by others with the pick-up code.
Please proceed as follows:
1. Please inform the post office staff to assist with the matter during business hours.
2. Please call the 24-hour customer service hotline 0800-700-365 (please dial 04-23542030 via mobile phone) during non-business hours or at iBox e-lockers outside the post office locations.

Why do I receive a mail [receiving reminder] SMS notification?

After the mail was put into the i-Box for 48 hours without anyone receiving it, the system will send a SMS reminder to remind the recipient to pick up within 3 days after putting into i-Box. 4th day after putting into, it will be stored in the designated post office window for pick up, please pick up as early as possible.

Why do I receive a mail [overdue return] SMS notification?

i-Box provides mails of 3 days storage and if your mail has not been picked up within the above mentioned period, the system will send a overdue return SMS to remind the recipient that the mail has been transferred to the designated post office. Please bring the recipient's identity card and seal to the designated post office to pick up the mail.

Why do I receive a mail [retrieve] SMS notification?

The mail was forcibly retrieved by our staff for some reasons. Please contact our customer service staff for the reasons for retrieving. If the same mail number is received, and another pick up SMS was received, that indicates the mail is taken out and then re-put in the i-Box.