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Postal ServicesPostcard Specifications

Last updated:2021/12/20 Print
According to the Company's business regulations, the specifications of postcards printed by customers shall comply with the following provisions:
Article 13 Postcards shall be rectangular and shall be printed on white paper of at least 180 grams per square meter and not more than 250 grams per square meter, with the largest size being 14.8 centimeters by 10.5 centimeters and the smallest being 14 centimeters by 9 centimeters. The allowable tolerance is two millimeters. The surface of the postcard paper should be flat and smooth with no protruding parts.
Article 14 Postcards may be printed by any person following the provisions of the preceding Article, except for those issued by the Company. However, the word "POST" and the meter stamp or similar patterns shall not be printed. Postcards printed by any person, other than the Company, that do not conform to the foregoing provisions shall be charged as letters, with postage.
Article 16 The right front half-frame of the horizontal-type and the front of the vertical-type postcards should be left blank for the following purposes:
Write the name, address and postal code of the addressee.
Affix a postal service signature label or indicate the postal service item, such as the registered mail and delivery method.