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Postal ServicesCollect on Delivery Service

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Service features
Easy procedures, no application, no contract-signing:
The service is not limited to business customers. Anyone who opens a Postal Giro or Passbook Savings account at a post office can use the service directly.
A variety of delivery services are available to choose from:
This service is available for domestic parcels, Postal EZ Box(Bag), domestic Speedpost and small package registered mail at post offices.
Convenient posting for delivery:
This service is available at all post offices nationwide.
Providing you with one-stop shopping for a complete range of services:
Combining the safe, convenient logistics and payment flow system of the post office, the post office's "collect on delivery" service provides you with a complete "posting over the counter/door-to-door collection (※) / logistics storage center shipment" → "delivery" → "collect payment for goods" → "payment for goods deposited to your account no later than the next business day".
(※) 1. Special Contract User: Door-to-door collection is provided. 2. General User: Depending on the manpower, vehicles and business needs, each post office will set its standards, time and area of receipt for general users based on the number of mail pieces posted for delivery and announce it.
The post office will credit your account promptly upon receipt of payment for goods:
After the proper delivery of mail service, the money received will be remitted to your account as quickly as possible (a delay may occur in the case of holidays and for remote areas), which is safe and secure.
Service Process
Select the type of mail delivery first:
Post Office provides Domestic Parcel,Postal EZ Box(Bag),Domestic Speedpost,or Small Packet Registered Mail service.
Fill in according to the number of pieces the「Domestic COD Shipping Notes (Attached illustration 1)」or「Detail List (for the bulk user - Attached illustration 2)」(Please ask counter staff for a copy):
Specify the name and value of the contents of the mailpiece, the sender's Postal Giro account or the Postal Passbook Savings Account, and the account name on the aforementioned documents.
Nationwide Delivery Service:
The Collect on Delivery (COD) mail piece will be sent anywhere within the country through the post office delivery system. (This service is not available for overseas)
Recipient, please confirm before making payment:
When the item(s) is/are delivered, the recipient should confirm that the name of the contents of the Shipping Note is correct before making any payment. After receiving the payment, the postman will deliver the mail piece to the recipient.
Transferring payment to account:
There are currently 2 methods of crediting the Collect on Delivery amount:
A. Appropriation deposit to the sender's Postal Giro account. (No remittance fee will be charged)
B. Appropriation deposit to the sender's Postal Passbook Savings account. (No remittance fee will be deducted)
Important Notes
Collect on Delivery Amount Postal Rates
Under NTD 2,000 For domestic mail, parcels and Speedpost, except for ordinary and other special rates, each mail piece will be charged an additional fee NTD 30
Below NTD 2,000 but not exceeding NTD 5,000 NTD 50
Above NTD 5,000 but not exceeding NTD 10,000 NTD 80
Above NTD 10,000 but not exceeding NTD 20,000 NTD 110
Above NTD 20,000 but not exceeding NTD 25,000 NTD 130
Above NTD 25,000 but not exceeding NTD 30,000 NTD 150
Above NTD 30,000 but not exceeding NTD 35,000 NTD 170
Above NTD 35,000 but not exceeding NTD 40,000 NTD 190
Above NTD 40,000 but not exceeding NTD 45,000 NTD 210
Above NTD 45,000 but not exceeding NTD 50,000 NTD 230
Domestic mail rates inquiry
Domestic parcel/Speedpost rates inquiry


  • This postal fee includes the value-declared fees and remittance fee. If the Collect on Delivery mailpiece is returned undelivered, only 50% of the collection on delivery postal fee will be refunded.
Additional postal fee for "Collect on Delivery Service" will be charged
The maximum Collect on Delivery amount shall be NTD 50,000.
The recipient should confirm whether the order has been placed before payment and collection of the mailpiece; after that, he/she should open and inspect the contents of the mailpiece immediately. In the event, the contents do not match and the payment is still at the post office, he/she can ask the post office to return the payment and the mail will be returned to the sender, with the cooperation of the post office staff. However, if the payment has been remitted, the recipient should take the initiative to negotiate with the sender.
This postal fee includes the value-declared fees and remittance fee. If the Collect on Delivery mailpiece is returned undelivered, only 50% of the collection on delivery postal fee will be refunded.
If the mailpiece is returned undelivered, the postage charged will be handled according to the mail type.