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Domestic ParcelDomestic Bulk Mail Parcel Postage Discount Table

Last updated:2022/10/20 Print
Domestic Bulk Mail Parcel Postage Discount table
Effective from January 1st, 2021
Level Customer Category Postage Discount Rate Discount Conditions for General Customer's One-Time Posting for Delivery(pieces) Discount Conditions for Contract Customer's Posting for Delivery in the Same Month(pieces)
1 8% 10-250 100-500
2 10% 251-500 501-1,000
3 12% 501-1,000 1,001-2,000
4 14% Above 1,001 Above 2,001


  • 1. For those who are not in the Company's business or can be identified by other facts, if the percentage of bulk mail items sent to remote areas does not meet the standards set by the Company, or if the Company does not grant a discount on postage under other regulations and special cases, the Company reserves the right to recognize and deny the postage discount.
  • 2. Contract customers who are entitled to discounted postage for bulk mail or project discounts shall pay the postage in cash only. For the users who self-prepared stamps which instead of cash is not applicable.
  • Note: The Postal EZ Box(Bag) is already a project discount, no more discounts will be given, and it will not be counted for the bulk mail and special contract account for discounts.

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