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My company wants to subscribe to domestic express mail door-to-door service. What are the requirements and how to apply?

Domestic express mail door-to-door subscribers are required to send at least 25 pieces per month. The payment method is cash or bill. If your company is interested, please tell me your company's name, address, and contact person's name and phone number. We will send people to your company for signing a contract.

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What is the upper limit for COD domestic express delivery?

The upper price limit for COD domestic express delivery shall not exceed NT$50,000.

What is the weight limit for domestic express to Mazu?

Mail to Mazu is limited to 20 kg each.

What is domestic express mail?

Domestic express mail is the mail, sent and received within the country, processed in the fastest possible speed and delivered to the recipient within the agreed time.

Is there any weight or size limit for delivering domestic express mail?

The weight limit for domestic express mail is 20 kg each.

Size limit : not smaller than the minimum letter size (14 × 9 cm).
Scroll size limit : the value of (length + diameter) x 2 should be no less than 17 cm, and the largest side should not be less than 10 cm.
Any side should be no more than 100 cm in length, and the total of values of length + width + height should not exceed 150 cm.

What is “express mail postage paid by the recipient”?

A special contract client can request recipient-payment domestic express mail. Post office shall collect postage and handling fee from the recipient when the delivery arrives.

When can the domestic express delivery arrive (how efficient is the delivery)?

Delivery/arrival time :
1. 2-way local (same zip code) mail will be delivered on the same day if sent before 15:00.
2. Between major cities, mail will be delivered on the same day if sent before 11:00; mail will be delivered next morning if sent after 11:00.
3. For other areas or between islands, the delivery will be made no later than the second day.
4. Notes :
(1)  2-way local mail : township, town, city and district of the same zip code. (same-day delivery if there is a delivery unit available in the area)
(2)  Inter-city delivery : Same-day delivery districts: Taipei City (100-110), Keelung (200), Banqiao District (220), Taoyuan City (330), Zhongli District (320), Pingzhen District (324 ), Hsinchu City (300), Taichung City (400-408), Changhua City (500), Chiayi City (600), Tainan City (700-709), Kaohsiung City (800-804, 806, 807), Pingtung City (900).
(3)  Arrival times may vary slightly depending on distance and location.
(4)  Arrival time may delay if there is flight cancellation due to weather, or traffic accidents.

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