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How to apply for compensation when the mail is damaged during delivery?

According to Article 29 of the Postal Law, it is allowed to ask the post office for compensation when all or one of the parcels, express mail, value-declared mail and insured mail are lost or damaged; or when all types of registered mails are lost or stolen.
The customer can bring the original send receipt to the post office for compensation process. The bureau will notify relevant personnel to contact the customer to assist in confirming the damage of the mailing items and to go through the follow-up procedures.

How do I apply for nighttime delivery of prompt delivery mail?

1. Registered mail: The recipient should apply to the local post office by telephone or in writing. In it's ordinary registered mail, there will be a surcharge for prompt delivery.
2. Night delivery service is limited to areas where this service is provided.

Ordinary, prompt delivery mail collection, delivery shifts

1. Ordinary mail is collected and delivered once each day except holidays.
2. No mailbox collection and delivery for prompt delivery on Saturday, Sunday, national holidays and consecutive holidays.

How do I apply for registered mail to be forwarded to my work place?

1. If the recipient is not home to sign for registered mail at home during the day due to work, he may apply in writing to the local post office to forward registered mail to his work place.
2. Go to any post office to ask for an “Application form for forwarding registration mail to workplace”, or go to our website (www.post.gov.tw) to download such a form. The applicant should fill in recipient name, phone number, forwarding address and then sign or stamp the form. You can mail it to the post office or process it over the counter.
3. This service is free of charge, but the applicant must be the recipient himself.

I have moved to a new place. Is there forwarding service for my new address?

Yes. If recipient or substitute recipient moves to a new address and needs his mail to be delivered to the new address, he can fill out the “mail forwarding application” form and list the following: 1. Name of recipient or substitute recipient. 2. Old address. 3. New address. 4. The applicant's signature or signature/stamp and apply to post office. 5. The mail forwarding service is limited to two months, after which mail will be delivered to old address. Please inform relatives and friends and change address registration as soon as possible.

Where do I get “mail forwarding application” form?

You can request it at post office windows or go website (www.post.gov.tw) to download the form. Fill in following information :
1. Name of recipient or substitute recipient.
2. Old address.
3. New address.
4. The applicant's signature or signature/stamp, and then apply to the post office.

What are the delivery times for different mail types?

1. Ordinary mail (including registered mail) will be delivered on the 2nd and 3rd day after send date; ordinary bulk printed material will be delivered no later than the 5th working day after.
2. Local parcels will be delivered on the 2nd day; for non-local cities and towns, the 2nd or 3rd day.
3. Prompt delivery between cities will be delivered before 14:00 on the 2nd day; for other areas, the 2nd day.
4. Domestic express mail: 2-way local (same zip code) mail will be delivered on the same day if sent before 15:00. Between major cities, mail will be delivered on the same day if sent before 11:00; mail will be delivered next morning if sent after 11:00.

What is poste restante?

If the recipient has no mailing address, the sender may deposit the mail at office. The recipient can go to the post office to claim after verifying his ID. The sender should write detailed recipient information, including name, telephone number, name of destination post office and a written “Poste Restante” notification.

Can registered mail be received by signing?

In principle, stamping is needed to receive registered mail, but for the convenience of customers, signing is allowed but the signatory must present ID for verification. The delivery man may need to record ID type and number for verification.