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How is international correspondence categorized according to different handling procedures?

International correspondence includes letters, postcards, printed matters, newspapers, documents for the blind, and small parcels.
The handling procedures are divided into ordinary letters and special letters (registration, express delivery, acknowledgement by receipt, recipient personal signing, and insurance). Ordinary letters don't require personal signing for delivery, and there is no inquiry and compensation services for international correspondence. Important letters are advised to be sent by registered mail to ensure safety.

What is SDR?

SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is the currency unit used for international postal settlement.

What is the ratio of SDR to NT Dollar?

The current SDR/NT dollar ratio is 1:47

How do I get the name and phone number of a mail exchange office in the mail's destination country (e.g. Japan)?

At present, Chunghwa Post only publicizes the information related to “International Express Mail.” For “International Letters and Parcels” information, please contact Taipei Cargo & Freight Company at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
(03) 3833776 ext. 241-243 for outgoing letters or ext. 271-273 for outgoing parcels.

How does the post office handle international mail with incomplete name and address information on the cover?

If the country name or address is not clearly written or incomplete, the mail will be returned to sender. Please rewrite the complete information so that the mail can be properly delivered to the destination country and the recipient.

If I'm not certain if the address was complete, will it be lost in the destination country?

Undeliverable letters will be returned to sender, but undeliverable printed matter is subject to the destination country's own proposal, and chances are it will not be returned.

Why would a recipient get a notification to pick up imported mail at the post office?

There are a number of possibilities: one is post office daytime delivery with no one at home, so the recipient has to pick up the mail at a nearby post office; another is that an imported parcel is required by the customs to be picked up with certain procedures or tax payments, so the recipient has to go to the post office for pickup.

I want to inquire that how many days my delivery takes.

What is the range of post office's exclusive services on letters, postcards and other correspondences?

1. According to Article 6 of the Postal Law, the exclusive post office service includes documents in the nature of letter, postcard or other correspondence.
2. The definitions documents of letter, postcard or other correspondence are as follows:
    (1) Letters, special letter sheets, self-printed letter sheets and postcards.
    (2) Bills, refund notices, bank statements and certificates, etc., from various financial, insurance, securities, telecommunications, video, hydropower, gas and other institutions.
    (3) Various types of fines, tax returns and withholding tax statements.
    (4) Unified receipts, receipts and stubs that are filled out with specific personal information and are not blank.
    (5) Prized contest documents, questionnaires, registration forms, resumes, checklists and application forms that are filled out with specific personal information.
    (6) All types of documents containing personal information and are attached with debit cards, credit cards, stored value cards and computer IC cards.
    (7) Withholding tax statements meeting Ministry of Finance format standards, filled student report cards, and school attendance certificates are legally post office's operation, but Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. is willing to regard them as printed matters and let private delivery service share the operation.

Can I send cash to Hong Kong by registered airmail?

NT Dollars cannot be sent to Hong Kong via airmail. Please bring Hong Kong dollar or other foreign currencies to the following 5 post offices providing customs services and send it as “international insured correspondence.”
1. Taipei Daan Post Office
    Address: No. 89, Section 3, Xinyi Road, Daan District, Taipei City
    TEL: 02-27044318
2. Keelung Guang Er Road Post Office
    Address: No. 1, Guanger Road, Ren'ai District, Keelung City
   TEL: 02-24318895
3. Taichung Yingcai Post Office
    Address: No. 200 Minsheng Road, West District, Taichung City
    TEL: 04-23022484
4. Tainan Chenggong Road Post Office
    Address: No. 8, Chenggong Road, North District, Tainan City
    TEL: 06-2287745
5. Kaohsiung Mail Center Post Office
    Address: No. 853, National First Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City
    TEL: 07-3109655