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What is ePOST?

1. Introduction to e-mail
“ePOST” service is a service provided by the post office for the public to use their computer to send mail. The sender uses the computer and the information network to transmit mail data to the post office, which prints and packs the material and send it as physical mail.
The ePOST service combines with portable electronic document PDF technology and features multi-language, cross-system platform software and original text reproduction, making the delivered mail safer and more accurate.

2. Account application procedure
To apply for an ePOST account, you can fill out the online registration form to select an account number, and then print the account application form and a payment transfer agreement (or request a blank form over-the-counter), and prepare relevant documents and their photocopies to apply over-the-counter.
The following documents are required for an account:
(1) For government agencies, public schools, state-run businesses, and public institutions: an official account-opening letter, an officially stamped application form, and a photocopy of the national ID of the agent or the person in charge.
(2) For private companies:
* company license or certificate of business registration: original and photocopy.
* Submit the original identity card of the person in charge and pay a copy of the photocopy.
(3) For private and other types of groups:
* national ID of the person in charge: original and photocopy.
* official registration number or government permit: original and photocopy.
* unified tax paying account number document: original and photocopy.
ROC individual: national ID: original and photocopy.
Expatriates: passport and resident certificate: original and photocopy.
Chinese: resident certificate: original and photocopy.
Expatriates without resident certificate: temporary ROC ID: photocopy

3. Charging system
ePOST charges are divided into two parts: postage and handling fee. Postage is calculated like any other type of mail; handling fee is the post office's cost of consumables and handling in such service. There are volume discounts on these two fees to encourage customers to use the ePOST service in large volumes. For detailed of such discounts, please call our service hotline.

4.Operating instructions
After a customer has obtained the password upon completing registration and application review by the post office, he can begin to log in to use the service's various functions.
If you want to send a letter to your recipient by using tables, you need to make sure that PDF is already installed before you can make the delivery (for PDF and making table templates, please call our hotline for help).

Customer service hotline: 02-27040580