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Is every imported parcel taxed?

Imported parcels are subject to customs inspection, which will decided on tax or no-tax. If you have any questions regarding customs inspection of mail, please call: 02-27055280 ext. 207.

How is an international parcel considered well-parceld?

As long as the outer box is strong enough to protect the content and won't break during delivery.

Are there any places that international parcel services doesn't cover?

Please go to our website for information.

What are the regulations for customs inspection?

All imported or exported parcels or parcels are subject to customs inspection, mainly to prevent prohibited or controlled items such as drugs and firearms entering or leaving the country. Moreover, it is necessary to check whether the contents need custom papers such as certificates and due procedures, or need to be pay duty. The sender should prepare all documents required by the destination country (for example, certificate of origin, health certificate, invoice, etc.). According to the Universal Postal Convention, the postal service holds no responsibility regarding the results of customs inspection, no matter how the sender fills out the customs claim form.

Is it necessary to use the post office's own boxes to send an international parcel?

No. If you buy post office cardboard boxes, the post office will offer free packing service. If you're using your own box (avoid using old fruit or vegetable cartons; Australia bans any fruit, vegetable, egg or meat boxes, old or new, and no straw ropes are allowed for fastening the boxes) make sure the material is strong enough to protect the content.