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Postal ServicesBusiness reply mail

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What is business reply mail?

When a sender pays for unstamped reply mail, including letters, postcards, surveys, questionnaires or blank reply cards and stickers on newspapers or magazines, by a replier, the mail is called business reply mail. A business reply mail subscriber should apply for a license from the post office before using such service on the post office's terms. The subscriber must pay for all reply mails without exception and can't refuse to receive any reply mail.

My company wants to subscribe to business reply mail service. How do we apply?

You should apply to the post office by filling out a form, submit two copies of reply mail layout (in line with post office template) and prepayment of postage. An individual should bring national ID, while a company should bring related license. Applicants who are government agencies, public schools and state-run companies are exempted from prepaid postage in case they have official company seal stamped on the application form.

My company has changed names. What should we do with the old reply mail with old company name on them?

If a business reply mail subscriber wants to change name, a process of name change is required. The subscriber should fill out an application form, bring the account card and prepaid postage receipt to the post office for processing.
Subscriber name on the reply mail cover cannot be edited, or it will be treated as unpaid mail.