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Banking ServicesATM Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Last updated:2021/12/22 Print

I have replaced my Postal ATM /VISA Debit Card. Is it necessary to re-apply for the Cardless Cash Withdrawal feature?

Once your Cardless Cash Withdrawal password has been set, the feature is activated. No additional application is required. However, if you have ordered a replacement card, the Cardless Cash Withdrawal feature will be re-enabled after your replacement card is activated.  

I have entered wrong ATM Card PIN more than three times, and the PIN is blocked. Can I still use the Cardless Cash Withdrawal service?

ATM Card PIN blocked doesn't have any effect on the Cardless Cash Withdrawal. Therefore, the Cardless Cash Withdrawal service is still available.

When the cardless withdrawal serial number is obtained from ePost, why does Insufficient Balance or Exceed Withdrawal Limit display on the ATM screen?

The Cardless Cash Withdrawal amount must be in multiples of NT$ 1,000 and shall not be greater than the current balance. The withdrawal amount will be included in the daily limit.

What are the Cardless Cash Withdrawal limits?

I. Withdrawal from Postal ATMs: The maximum amount per transaction is NT$30,000 (same
currency below).
II. Interbank Cardless Cash Withdrawal: The maximum amount per transaction is NT$ 20,000, and the
daily limit is NT$ 30,000.
III. The daily withdrawal limit from Postal ATMs and interbank enabled ATMs is NT$ 30,000, and the
total amount withdrawn from the same account with a physical ATM card that day does not exceed