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How do I make voice transfers to a designated account (between passbook savings and giro savings accounts)?

1.After filling out a "Postal ATM card \online post office \telephone voice internal transfer
    application form," when applying for voice account transfers under passbook savings,
    please bring your savings passbook, national ID card, and original retained seal in person
    to a post office (Branch-limited accounts should go to the original post office where the
    account was established) to apply for this service; when applying for voice transfers under
    giro savings, please bring your national ID card,original retained seal, and most recent
    statement of income and expenditure in person to assigned office or security exchange
    office to apply for this service.
2.Each transfer is limited to a maximum of NT$1 million, and the total amount of voice transfers
    on any one day (including transfers to the principal's and other persons' accounts and
    designated accounts) is limited to a maximum of NT$1 million; no service fees are charged.

What service fees are charged for voice payment of fees and taxes?

NT$15 for payment of motor vehicle fees, which must be borne by the payer; there is no service fee when paying taxes and Chunghwa Telecom fees.