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After opening a postal integrated savings passbook account, what are the procedures if I wish to terminate a time deposit midway?

Two types of procedures can be used to terminate a time deposit in an integrated
savings passbook account, which are explained as follows:
1. In-person procedures (limited to the post office where the account was opened):
    (1) Please bring your own national ID card, original seal, and passbook to the
          original post office where the account was opened to perform termination.
    (2) You may not directly obtain cash from a time deposit after midterm
          Please fill out a "postal integrated savings time deposit termination and
          transfer to passbook account application form," and the money from
          termination will be automatically transfer to the integrated savings passbook
          account; if you require cash, you can separately fill out a passbook withdrawal
          slip to make withdrawal.
    (3) When performing midterm termination, you must liquidate the entire amount
          of the deposit.
          With regard to the calculation of interest when performing midterm termination
          of time deposits, interest will be calculated at 80% of the usual rate for the actual
          deposit period; no interest will be provided if the time deposit has been held for
          less than 1 month.

2. iPost  (including ePost)
    Limited to natural persons who are citizens of the ROC who have already applied for
    iPost (including ePost) services, and the person's integrated savings time deposits
    have no pledge loans; such person may perform midterm termination of an
    integrated savings time deposit that has not yet reached maturity via the iPost or