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Banking ServicesPostal ATM Card Cloud Pay

Last updated:2021/12/22 Print

What operating systems, mobile devices and applications are required for Postal ATM Card Cloud Pay service?

Mobiles or devices with Android 6.0/iOS 11.0 or higher are required. NFC-enabled Android mobiles are required for contactless payment; camera feature required for Scan to Pay. It is necessary to download Taiwan Pay application and set up 6-8-digit login password to register and add your card for Postal ATM Card Cloud Pay.
*For applicable mobile models, please visit Taiwan Pay's website.

What should I do if I cannot receive the registration verification code while registering Taiwan Pay?

The registration verification code is sent to your mobile number registered in the application. Please check your blocklist setting. If your mobile number is not the same as the one registered in Chunghwa Post, please update it as soon as possible for purchase notifications.

Do I need to add Postal ATM Card Cloud Pay to Taiwan Pay again after card replacement?

When your previous physical card becomes invalid due to card replacement, your Postal ATM Card Cloud Pay will be terminated automatically at the same time. If you wish to re-use it, please log in Taiwan Pay and select Add Card again.

I want to use Postal ATM Card Cloud Pay to make account transfers. Do I need to activate the Non-designated Account Transfer feature?

Yes. The Non-designated Account transfer feature of your physical ATM card shall be activated. Please visit the nearest post office with your national identification card to enable the feature. If not activated, the error message 4508 Non-designated Transfer will display when making transactions.

When I scan to pay with my Postal ATM Card Cloud Pay, why error messages show up?

Scanning Payment with Postal ATM Card Cloud Pay is required Smart Pay feature of your physical card enabled. Accordingly, you can visit the nearest post office or Postal ATMs or log into your iPost/WebATM to activate the feature.