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How to use the “ATM Card Payment” on the Taobao website to make payment?

After confirming your order on the Taobao website, please select “ATM Card Payment” and connect the card reader to insert Postal ATM card (for first-time users, please install components required), followed by inputting password and verification code according to the payment screen instructions.

During the use of Postal ATM card to make payment with “ATM Card Payment” for shopping on the Taobao website, after the payment procedure is completed, why does it show iPost - Outbound Payment verification webpage?

According to the request of competent authority, when it is the first time to use this service or this service has not been used for more than 1 year, it is necessary to cooperate with the identity verification procedure. Outbound transaction identity verification is performed with the Joint Credit Information Center within the scope permitted by the laws. At this time, amount is not yet deducted from the account. The cardholder must perform our identity confirmation operation on the outbound electronic payment identity confirmation webpage, and is also required to make payment on the platform payment page again after the identity confirmation is completed.

How is the order amount calculated for shopping on the Taobao website?

The order amount includes the total of the product, shipping cost, discount, and exchange rate, etc., and it is shown in NTD on the ‘My Cashier” of Alipay. If “ATM Card Payment” is selected, then the handling charge (1% of order amount) is additionally added to the order amount, and the total is the final amount for payment.

What should I do when the Taobao order status indicates “Payment Not Completed,” but the amount has been deducted from my account?

Payment transaction process relies on the stability of the overall network system. If any section of the network transmission has an error, the transmission of the transaction success message is interrupted. If such condition occurs, please wait for 1~2 hours and then refresh the website again. If it still shows “Payment Not Completed”, please contact the Taobao customer service at (02)7705-4306.

When can I receive the returned amount after applying for the refund at Taobao website? Where will the amount be refunded to? How do I verify that the refund has been successful?

After a refund is applied, if the seller completes the refund confirmation, the amount will be transferred instantly into the original Postal savings account of the previous payment. The amount will credit the account within a period no more than 7~10 working days. In case of special conditions, such as system upgrade, maintenance or multiple order refund pending, etc., the amount will be deferred to the next working day for receipt. Alipay will send out a text message for notification, and you may also go to the Taobao website to inquire about the progress.

Taobao website shows that the product has been shipped out such that a refund cannot be made. What should I do?

Please contact Taobao customer service at (02)7705-4306.

Is it acceptable to use “ATM Card Payment” to add value to the “Alipay” account?

This service is only available for order amount payment, and it provides no function of value addition to the “Alipay” account.