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How can I open a giro special savings account?

Please first open a giro savings account at a post office, and then fill out an "Application for special savings account and ATM payment transfer agreement" in duplicate, "Postal service information direct transmission application" in triplicate, and print out and send to the Savings & Remittance Department (or hand it over to a post office for forwarding) 5 deposit slips bearing barcodes to change an existing giro savings account to a giro special savings account.

If a deposit receipt is lost, how can I have it replaced?

Please visit your original deposit post office, fill out a "Postal giro deposit receipt replacement receipt application form," attach a stamp for the service fee (NT$20), and submit the form together with your national ID card to obtain a replacement receipt from the post office.

Why is it that other banks do not charge a service fee when I pay fines?

Other banks do not have a real-time online case closure system, and you will need several days in order to close the case. But at a post office, after you pay a fine through the real-time online system, you can immediately close the case and make immediate changes in the status of your motor vehicle.

How should I go about performing inheritance procedures for giro savings?

Have all heirs fill out a "Postal savings account deposit inheritance (entrusted management) deposit application form," and bring relevant documents to the assigned office or subordinate security exchange office to perform procedures.

Can a post office make out a check instead of giving me cash?

      A post office can issue you a  business check instead of cash, but may charge a  service fee.

How do I apply for proof of giro deposit?

一、The account holder (or responsible person in the case of a group account) must go in person bearing his or her national ID card and statement to a post office, and fill out and apply his or her seal to a "proof of giro deposit application form," and submit the form to the assigned office or security exchange office to complete procedures.
二、If the account holder cannot go to a post office in person, he or she may make out a letter of Proxy to entrust another person to perform the procedures.