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Can the post office cash checks made out through other banks?

       Yes. Antedated checks and all checks during the year prior to the date of maturity may be cashed at a postal savings & remittances window. You will be required to sign the back of the check, write the number of account in which the check will be deposited and your contact number, and the funds will be transferred to your account after clearing has been completed. However, according to the Act of Negotiable Instruments, no payment may be made more than 1 year after a check has been issued, and there must be an operating period before check clearing can be completed. To avoid the check bouncing due to passing the deadline, please cash checks at an early date.
The service fees of check collection:
(1) General collection: Free
(2) Remote areas: NT$30 per check

Why does interbank remittances entering an account too late result in non-payment?

         (1)Because interbank remittances are online real-time operations, entering an account too late
              may be because the remitting bank did not immediately release after receiving documents.
         (2)A malfunction in the fiscal center system has caused the remittance to be held up at the
              fiscal center, and prevented it from entering the account during that day's business hours.
         (3)The customer wrote the name of the beneficiary bank or receiving account incorrectly,
              which has  caused delay by forcing manual account entry.

Since the post office is open until 17:00, why is there non-payment after 15:30?

      Because the banking industry's bill clearing time has been set as 15:30, although the post office is open until 17:00, it must comply with the regulations of Taiwan Clearing House, and therefore any funds that have not been deposited by 15:30 are not honored at that time.

I have a giro checking account. When the signature or seal impression on a check is not in agreement with the expected signature or impression, why do I have to go so far away for a supplementary seal impression?

      Because the Postal Giro checks are handled centrally by the  security exchange office (the  place of payment stated on checks),  the maker must go to the  security exchange office to receive a supplementary seal impression.

When the signature or seal impression on a check is not in agreement with the expected signature or impression, and it cannot receive a supplementary seal impression, will it receive the seal impression on the next day?

      All check clearing procedures must be completed on the same day; otherwise the check will not be honored.

Does a service fee be charged when I make a deposit to offset a check?

      There is uniformly no service fee in the case of individual accounts, where the omnibus accounts make a deposit and bill through a post office beyond the municipality or county (city) of the paying post office, a service charge shall be deducted from the account based on the amount of each deposit: NT$1,000 or less, NT$15 per  case; NT$1,001 or more, NT$20 per  case.

I deposited a check and was not informed of non-payment. Why could I not use the funds (or withdraw cash) on the same day?

      According to the regulations of Taiwan Clearing House, the check clearing and withdrawal time is 9:00 on the following business day. This implies that you must wait until after 9:00  on the following business day after check clearing before you may use the funds.